About Cathy
Cathy was born in America, but has lived in England all her life, She has lived in the New Forest from the early 1960’s when her father ran a small hotel.

Cathy has been drawing from an early age and has always loved to draw animals. Her love of nature began when the family moved from London to Brockenhurst, their house was in the middle of the Forest, with stables and land surrounding it. They kept calves, pigs, chickens and donkeys together with forest ponies acquired from the Beaulieu Road Sales. Cathy would ride often, exploring the local enclosures, woods and moorlands, discovering something new each time.

Apart from Art education at school and college, Cathy has had no formal training. She has attended workshops and demonstrations of different mediums and styles and from these she has found her own way to express her style of Art.

Cathy's ability allows her to paint in different ways, from precise botanical studies to abstract acrylics, lively pastels to etherial watercolours. Whatever the medium she has fun in achieving the final result. Music plays a great part in her pictures - it creates a mood to draw/paint by...the more expressive the music the looser and more dynamic the painting becomes. Cathy enjoys all the mediums, she likes to use watercolour on the more delicate and precise paintings, especially botanical studies, but acrylic and oil for the more adventurous and creative painting. It is only recently that she has found the delight of colour in her paintings, previously she enjoyed pencil drawing or pen and ink work. Her style is always evolving, becoming more creative with each painting she does. She loves to paint using basic outlines, and builds up from then, using depth and contrast to make the painting come alive.

Cathy has illustrated two children's books, written by fellow artist Barbara Rousseau, based on the theme of recycling, set in the locality of Exbury Gardens and the Beaulieu River. Please see the online shop for more information.

Cathy has exhibitied at the Red House Museum, Christchurch; St Barbe Museum, Lymington; Moors Valley Country Park; Milford Art Group; Five Arrows Gallery with 4SA at Exbury Gardens and Splinters Art Group in the Hampshire Open Studios. In 2014 Cathy was delighted to have won the prize for the best Contemporary Abstract at the St Barbe Museum’s Annual Art Exhibition, with an acrylic painting titled ‘Thin Blue Line’.

In 1983 she was invited to exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in an exhibition titled ‘Richard Doyle and his Family’. (Richard "Dicky" Doyle being Cathy’s great great uncle). Cathy’s great grandfather was Charles Altamont Doyle (father of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"